The act of making art is pure meditation. It induces an absolute silence where there is no verbal conflict. In that state, only the profound, silent, and total communion between the artwork and the feelings of the artist as a spectator exist.


My first contact with art was during the military service, which is mandatory in Brazil, where I volunteered with the graphic design office. The office was responsible for producing all graphical material used in the Army, which included hand drawings. Some of the experience I acquired there became invaluable years later when I decided to dedicate my life to art.

I started my professional life as a journalist, moving to publicity later on, at a time when I also graduated college as a lawyer. These activities allowed me to gather a vast inter-personal experience and insights about culture and social living, both essential to someone who practices any form of art.

I've always been involved with art in one way or another. Art has always been in my spirit. When I was twenty years old I decided to go on a retreat for three full days, completely alone, to figure out what to do with my life. Out of this profound meditation I emerged determined to become an artist. This went against everything I had been taught, and against any rational logic. On top of that, there was also the stigma that artists were seen as people who lived on the margins of society.

Over the years, life taught me that there is no security in a world in constant change. My first experience with this reality was in the very beginning of my career, when I quit my job as a reporter at a newspaper because the editorial board had decided to oppose a legitimately-elected government. I started working in publicity, only to find myself jobless again after the 1964 revolution, when official censorship was used as a way to arrest all the owners and directors of the newspaper I worked at.

I turned to art as a means of immediate survival and started to sell my art works at a popular art fair in one of the main town squares in Rio de Janeiro. I also joined a group exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art in Rio, with sales results beyond my most optimistic expectations. Following developments took me to different locations, new exhibitions, and I started to produce art using a diverse array of media, including drawings, paintings, sculptures, books and objects.

An artist's main interests are to make and create things. Art is a permanent state of happiness, worshiping of beauty, and unconditional acceptance of the art work being created, whose traces, strokes, volumes, colors, and shapes are deeply connected to the magical gesture of the very first pre-historic cave-painting artist.

By making, we are. By creating we become eternal.

Holoassy Lins de Albuquerque 
Was born on October 19, 1938, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. 



handmade drawings


handmade drawings

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